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Photographs of Arthur Sales

Male supermodel in the making this Brazilian youth’s face has rare beauty and loveliness. [...]


A very nice looking, slender young man. [...]

Tattoos & a Six Pack

Fitness model with a lean and sexy stomach. [...]

Neck Jewelry for Men

Beautiful boys modeling necklaces for gay and straight and bisexual men. [...]

Sitting on the Floor

Naked but for his tattoos a young man sits all by himself on a tile floor. [...]

Shoulder Length Hair

Male high fashion model with very long hair. [...]

Edilson from Behind

Edilson Nascimento from the rear. [...]

Ivo Cavalcanti

Yet another handsome young man from Brazil pursuing a career as a male fashion model. [...]

Model at Rest

Slim sleeping young man. [...]

Twink On His Back

Twinks make the best underwear models. OK, it is a matter of taste. [...]